COF Bonding Machine

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COF Bonding Machine Price in India

Our company offers an extensive range of COF Bonding Machines. You can contact us for quick booking and COF bonding machine price in India or from anywhere in the world. The offered range is available in diverse specifications that satisfy the needs of our clients. ACF Pulse Heat Bonding Machine used in repairing LED LCD TV Panel Screens, LCD screen repair, LED screen repair.

Our COF Bonding Machine has many features and built with latest technology. It can bond LCD, LED TV panel up to 65″ inch. Yes you can bond any TV panel either 24,32,45,55,65 ” inch. We have inbuilt COF alignment system. It has powerful head with compatible heat. You can adjust temperature and time easily with just few buttons over the machine.  Panel Repair factory is operating since 2016. We have shipped our machine in more than 78 countries. We have 75% returning customers. Nowadays, Our company is offering FREE training with Machine.

You can Contact us here – +91-9999727372 anytime. We’re happy to help you with your queries.


  • Slim & Sleek Design Front Panel Designed as Per Global Standard
  • High & Advance Head Accuracy System/Design
  • T Bit Iron Stand
  • Control Panel on Vertical Front Top Plate
  • Inbuilt Dust Particles Purification System
  • Dual Screen Viewer with Screen Splitter
  • Digital Gauged Pressure Monitoring System
  • 14-8S inch LED/LCD Panel Bonding with Better Accuracy
  • Inbuilt Multi Color Light Dieter Advanced System, ( For Better Track Viewing & Alignment)

LED TV COF Bonding Machine

The LED TV COF Bonding Machine are best for any size of LCD or LED panel. You can fix vertical, Horizontal lining issue on your TV. It help to bond the panel easily. The Price of LED TV COF Bonding Machine starts at just 2 Lakh with 1 Year support and 7-Day FREE training.

What is MINI COF Bonding Machine?

It is a lite version of bonding machine. Panel Repair Factory India pvt ltd. has manufactured the MINI version of COF Bonding machine.

It is so powerful and affordable. You can setup this machine at any location and it doesn’t require much space as the size of this machine is smaller than the main machine.


Price of MINI COF Bonding Machine is cheaper than main model. It can cost you ₹89,990 or $1,099 only.